Welcome to Territory Finance Group

We are a Financial Mortgage Broking Services Firm that is passionate about providing clients with truly honest advice and a remarkable service.

Our core purpose includes, always putting our customers best interest first, trustworthiness, continuous improvement and valuing & respecting people. We are genuine, caring, service-oriented and honest people that fully embrace these core values. Our dedicated team of experienced Credit Advisers are here to build a sustainable business that always places our clients best interest first.

We understand that everyone is different and not just financially.  We have all come from different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures which is why we value and respect people’s diversity. You can also be assured that we will use transparent communication throughout the loan application process.

Our PROMISE to you

When dealing with us, you will come to expect a high level of professional service at all times

  • We will always be honest with our clients
  • We will use a holistic approach when providing financial assistance and tailor this to your individual needs and requirements at the time of the application
  • Our team will ensure that we will always keep your information private & confidential at all times and only disclose information where you have given us authorisation 
  • We will let you know immediately if there "possibly" could be a conflict of interest with TFG and other service providers
  • We will listen to you and take the time to understand your needs before providing a solution
  • We will show you genuine care, empathy and concern for your financial wellbeing
  • We appreciate your feedback

We always put our clients’ best interests first, never our own. If we have provided a solution, we always put ourselves in our clients shoes and ask, “What would we do in the same situation?”. By doing this, you can be assured that we would never suggest anything that we wouldn't do ourselves.

So join the journey with us, as we are here to help you today, tomorrow and a lifetime.


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"A friendship founded on Business, is better than a Business founded on friendship" - John D Rockefeller